Golden-winged Warbler Working Group


The Golden-winged Warbler Working Group exchanges information through an email listserv, which is the primary means for sharing information about research, habitat management, conservation action, upcoming meetings, and more! Joining the Listserv is how to become a member of the Working Group.

The face of a male Golden-winged Warbler. Photo Kurt Ongman

Joining the general Listserv

To join the general Golden-winged Warbler Working Group listserv follow these instructions:

1) Create a new plain text mode email. Default rich text will not work properly.

2) Address the email to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UARK.EDU

3) Do not put anything in the subject line.

4) Write SUBSCRIBE GWWALL-L Your Name (or one of the three committee names) in the message body. Where Your is your first name and Name is your last name. Remove your signature or any other text (including blank spaces) from the message body.

5) Click send.

6) You will receive an email verification within several minutes.

Joining a committee Listserv

You may also join the separate committee listservs by substituting the listserv name in the command line above where GWWALL-L appears. Committee listserv names are indicated in brackets below:

Breeding Grounds Management and Conservation Committee

Breeding Grounds Research and Monitoring Committee
Non-Breeding Season Committee (Alianza Alas Doradas)

Learn about the working group's committees!