Golden-winged Warbler Working Group

Habitat Management Challenge

In honor of the GWWA Working Group’s 20th Anniversary and the ongoing need to create and maintain suitable early successional habitat for this species of high conservation need, we have launched a Golden-winged Warbler Habitat Challenge! The goal is to encourage any partner that has used Golden-winged Warbler habitat best management practices in their states to contribute to this effort. 

Please contribute your breeding habitat management efforts using this survey included in the Challenge. Because habitats and management strategies vary significantly across the GWWA breeding range, we are asking for details about the kind of management, and pictures that represent the resulting habitat and/or management practices in action whenever possible. We will use the data from this survey to create a StoryMap that will not only serve to track progress in the Challenge, but also as an information resource for those interested in learning more about the various strategies that can be used to manage Golden-winged Warbler.

We challenge each state and province to meet the following two challenge goals:

Challenge 1: Help your state or province exceed its annual habitat acreage goal based on the Golden-winged Warbler conservation plan. See map below.

Challenge 2: Help your state or province manage the most habitat acreage.

A project from the top state(s) or province(s) in each category will be randomly selected to win a prize!

Dewy morning in GWWA habitat

Jefferson County, New York.