Golden-winged Warbler Working Group

The Golden-winged Warbler Working Group

20-Year Anniversary

Collaborative Golden-winged Warbler conservation through education, management, and research.

2024 ABA Bird of the year
  1. A male Golden-winged Warbler during spring migration, Magee Marsh, Ohio. Phil Chaon
  2. Golden-winged Warbler breeding habitat on Fort Drum Army Base, New York. Kurt Ongman
  3. A biologist surveying wintering Golden-winged Warbler at Finca Don Bosco, Piedra Candela, Panama. Ruth Bennett

Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) are among the most rapidly declining migratory songbirds in North America.

Estimated population change from 1966 to 2019

Appalachian Population

- 0 %

10,000 remaining birds 

2.5% global population

Great Lakes Population

- 0 %

380,000 remaining birds 

97.5% global population


Global Population

- 0 %

390,000 remaining birds 

 1,000,000 birds in 1966

Golden-winged Warbler Breeding Range depicting the Great Lakes Region in purple and the Appalachian Region in magenta.

USGS Breeding Bird Survey: Pardieck, K.L., Ziolkowski Jr., D.J., Lutmerding, M., Aponte, V.I., and Hudson, M-A.R., 2020, North American Breeding Bird Survey Dataset 1966 -2019: U.S. Geological Survey data release.

Partners in Flight Population Estimate Database: Will, T., J.C. Stanton, K.V. Rosenberg, A.O. Panjabi, A.F. Camfield, A.E. Shaw, W.E. Thogmartin, and P.J. Blancher. 2020. Handbook to the Partners in Flight Population Estimates Database, Version 3.1. 

Great Lakes


First-year female Golden-winged Warbler on a y-shaped stick. Photo: Ben Lucking Courtesy of the Macaulay Library.


John Confer

Quick Links to Conservation Plans

North America
(breeding range)

Cover of the Golden-winged WArbler Conservation Plan. illustrating Golden-winged Warbler nesting habitat and an adult male delivering prey to a nest full of nestlings.

Central & South America
(non-breeding range)

The cover for the winter conservation plan. A misty hillside emerges from the clouds somewhere in the neotropic cloud forest. A Male Golden-winged Warbler sits on a stick in the foreground.