Golden-winged Warbler Status Review and Conservation Plan
Review and download the entire plan in PDF (10MB)
Read the preface (82KB)
Review and download Chapter 2 (3.22MB)
Review and download Chapter 3 (7.26MB)
Review the Appendices (1.49KB)

*Chapter 1 is still in process

Golden-winged Warbler Best Management Practice Guides
Appalachian Region BMP
Great Lakes Region BMP

Golden-winged Warbler Habitat Supplements

Deciduous Forests of the Appalachians
Minelands in the Appalachians
Abandoned Farmlands in the Appalachians
Grazed Forestland and Montane Pastures in the Appalachians
Utility Rights-of-way in the Appalachians
Forest and Shrub Wetlands of the Appalachians

Deciduous Forests of the Great Lakes
Aspen Parkland Transition Zone of Canada
Abandoned Farmlands in the Great Lakes
Utility Rights-of-way in the Great Lakes
Shrub Wetlands of the Great Lakes

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