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contact Amber Roth at amroth@mtu.edu.

Preserving Habitat for Bird Species At Risk in the Parkland Transition Zone (PDF 1.2MB)
Habitat Management Brochure (PDF 514KB)
2010 Poster Front Hi-Res (PDF 6.1MB)
2010 Poster Front Low-Res (PDF 511KB)
2010 Poster Back (PDF 1.45MB)
2009 Poster Hi-Res (PDF 3.0MB)
2008 Poster Front Hi-Res (PDF 5.8MB)
2008 Poster Front Low-Res (PDF 392KB)
2008 Poster Back (PDF 1.0MB)

The photos in the below galleries may be reproduced for educational purposes (i.e. PowerPoint slideshows). Credits found in the captions must be used for each reproduction. Links open in a new window.

Photos of Birds
Photos of Habitat

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2010 Poster Front


2008 Poster

2009 Poster