Non-breeding Season Committee (Alianza Alas Doradas)

The committee’s goal is to direct and facilitate research, monitoring, and management activities for Golden-winged Warblers both during migration and during their non-breeding season residency in Central and South America. Conservation act actions will occur in concert with actions that also benefit priority Neotropical resident species.

Non-breeding Season Surveys: ProAves (in Colombia) is currently coordinating Golden-winged Warbler surveys in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia to determine habitat associations and important areas to target for conservation actions.

Priority Migrant eBird: A dedicated eBird portal facilitates collection of records and habitat information by birders and researchers in Latin America for Olive-sided Flycatcher and Golden-winged, Blue-winged, Cerulean, and Canada warblers. Visit:

Full Life-Cycle Stewardship: The Golden-winged Warbler is the symbol for the Conservation of Important Wintering Areas for Wisconsin’s Neotropical Migrant Birds Campaign. Individuals and entities from outside Wisconsin are encouraged to participate as most of our migratory breeding birds spend the winter in the same places.  For more information visit:

Contact: Margarita Arteaga,; or Tom Will,, 612.713.5362

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