Golden-winged Warbler Working Group Committees

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Breeding Grounds Research and Monitoring Committee:
This committee is focused on helping to facilitate the direction of research and monitoring on golden-winged warblers to ensure that critical conservation questions are answered in a timely manner for conservation purposes. The committee will help establish research and monitoring priorities to help focus research and monitoring funding on areas most needed for conservation purposes. A secondary role of this committee will be the dissemination of relevant information from research and monitoring projects.

Breeding Grounds Management and Conservation Committee:
This committee’s goal is to help direct conservation actions intended to sustain Golden-winged Warbler populations across the breeding range—in concert with other bird conservation priorities and initiatives. The committee will develop outreach materials to target land managers and the general public. Because of unique management needs in each of the regions occupied by Golden-winged Warblers, management priorities will be identified at both continental and regional scales.

Non-breeding Season Committee (Alianza Alas Doradas):
The committee’s goal is to direct and facilitate research, monitoring, and management activities for Golden-winged Warblers both during migration and during their non-breeding season residency in Central and South America. Conservation act actions will occur in concert with actions that also benefit priority Neotropical resident species.

Steering Committee:

David Buehler, Chair - University of Tennessee
Sara Barker - Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Ron Canterbury - University of Cincinnati
John Confer - Ithaca College
Carol Hardy Croy - US Forest Service- George Washington-Jefferson National Forests
Randy Dettmers - US Fish and Wildlife Service- Region 5
Rachel Vallender - Queen's University
Margarita Arteaga - Fundación ProAves
David Pashley - American Bird Conservancy
Andy Paulios -Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative
Amber Roth - Michigan Technological University
Wybo Vanderschuit - Riding Mountain National Park, Parks Canada
Tom Will - US Fish and Wildlife Service- Region 3