Breeding Grounds Research and Monitoring Committee

This committee is focused on helping to facilitate the direction of research and monitoring on golden-winged warblers to ensure that critical conservation questions are answered in a timely manner for conservation purposes. The committee will help establish research and monitoring priorities to help focus research and monitoring funding on areas most needed for conservation purposes. A secondary role of this committee will be the dissemination of relevant information from research and monitoring projects.

Current Projects:
Audubon North Carolina
Michigan Technological University
The Northwest Golden-winged Warbler Working Group

Breeding Grounds Habitat & Management Research:
Coordinated habitat and management projects are being conducted in TN, NC, WV, PA, NY, WI, and MN in order to evaluate habitat-specific management prescriptions that might benefit Golden-wings. All projects will follow the same protocols to facilitate data analysis across the species range.

Genetics Atlas Project:
Blood samples collected from Golden-winged Warblers and hybrids across the breeding range will help identify areas and habitats of genetically pure Golden-winged Warbler populations where conservation action might be focused. warbler populations.

Contact: David Buehler,, 865.974.8845; or Rachel Vallender,, 613.808.9990

To join the Breeding Grounds Research & Monitoring Committee:
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